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Weekly job News 30 April 2021 Free PDF Download

weekly job News 30.April 2021 available in the Job market. Which is more expensive and which newspaper is less expensive. Trying to publish reliable and transparent recruitment notices in all newspapers. However, not everyone can publish all types of job advertisements. There are many types of job magazines in the market. One by one people like one type of job News. Below I highlight a few weekly job Newspaper.

Weekly job news 30 April 2021 PDF Download

The most popular of the above weekly job magazines is “Weekly Job News“. This job magazine has a lot of readers in Bangladesh. And many regard it as an acceptable and reliable job magazine. The number of subscribers of the weekly job news magazine is increasing day by day. The price of this magazine is only 4 Tk. Which is very low price for unemployed and job seekers.

Popular weekly job Newspaper 2021

The four popular newspaper of Bangladesh are given below. These job magazines are very popular. People buy it from hawkers once a week.

Weekly job 30/5/2021

Then there is “Weekly Job Newspaper“, a popular job magazine. Whose subscriber numbers are plentiful. As this job magazine is printed on color page, its price is 5 Tk. The first page and the last page color of the weekly job postal magazine. The headings look very beautiful.

সাপ্তাহিক চাকরির খবর পত্রিকা ৩০ এপ্রিল ২০২১

Prothom Alo Chakri Bakri  2021 is basically the first light magazine. Chakri Bakri is also a very popular magazine. Its readership is not at all low. Since this recruitment notice magazine is a popular magazine of Bangladesh, Prothom Alo is not less popular. The magazine “Prothom Alo Chakri Bakri” is published every Friday. It is mainly published online. And the job circular is exactly what it says.

Popular weekly job magazine 2021

Source: Weekly Job Newspaper

Weekly job news 30/5/2021

“Weekly Job News Magazine” does not shy away from giving place to educated unemployed youth. It is a popular tool for job seekers. This magazine publishes various job advertisements including public-private, company, NGO, private. Job magazine is price at 4 Tk

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